Thursday, 6 September 2012

I can't decide if I want to get back in to blogging again officially. I feel like sometimes it's me telling myself 'no you have to blog' that makes me so disinclined to do it.

So, what's up Doc? We seem to have finally broken the back of the long hot summer of 2012, temperatures are hovering in the high 20s, but the burning heat and breathless humidity seem to have (literally) cooled it a bit. It's been overcast and downright pleasant here, I had almost forgotten what it was like to go outside and have it actually refresh you rather than making you want to cry.

I've spent the last few days eating fruit/veg intake like a mad woman. Last week I was having an Unpleasant Illness which included throwing up/running to the bathroom. I figured it was food poisoning, but then a couple of days later (when I thought things were fine again) I got this intermittent stomach pain that had me go home from work one day. It wasn't radiating from any one point, it was just present and interfering. My manager mentioned it sounded a lot like when she had gallstones, and that one of the things that can cause that was an unbalanced diet, so to avoid oily food and increase fruit/veg intake. Whichever one it was, it proves that my body belongs to the Florence + the machine school of relationships ('you hit me once, I hit you back...') and that I should probably cut it some slack every now and again. Eating out is so easy and cheap though, cheaper than buying the food yourself for the most part, that when you work the shifts I do (finishing late at night) it's easy to get lazy after a tiring day. I had been dithering about eating a bit healthier anyhow, but it seems my body has taken matters into it's own hands for now.

Our building at work has basically imploded. The mall changed owners and they decided they wanted to rebuild a whole lot of it, so there has been major construction going on all around us. It would be finny if I didn't have to work in it, every day we come in and the crew seem to have found a new way to make things much worse for us, despite us looking around the day before and thinking it was physically impossible for them to do so. In the couple of months we have had storage rooms cave in and flood, ceiling tiles taken out of multiple rooms due to water damage (and rubble falling from said holes), constant banging and drilling while trying to do demos and teach classes, bad smells, dirty water dripping through lights and other electrical items, mould, light fixtures fall out of the ceiling because the internal tile around it got wet, utilities being cut off at random times (bye bye functioning bathrooms), our internet wires accidentally dug up so we had no access to any of our teaching content or printers, an odd smoke/haze through our hallways, one of our room ceilings being supported by a tube wedged between it and the ceiling to stop it falling down, and finally, the crowning glory, one of the workers next door accidentally putting a pickaxe through the back of an interactive white board while demolishing a wall next door that was behind it. Fortunately it wasn't in use at the time.

The good news is a couple of weeks ago, the higher-ups came in and told us 'We have heard your cries! This centre is not safe and we will build you a new one!'. Unfortunately that didn't fix us for the time between then and the new place being built, but whatevs right? Thankfully the new building is nearly finished and we should be leaving the current death-trap on the 16th.

You'll all have to cross your fingers that we survive until then.


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