Thursday, 27 September 2012

It was the best of foods, it was the worst of foods

It's great being in the new centre at work, but I can't wait until we get back into actual routine again. With the switch around while we actually moved, and the October holiday coming up, I can't keep track of days at all right now.

I had the best and worse of food experiences today. The highlight was Free Stufz that Disney gave us (again! First an Avengers DVD and now this, it's been a good freebie month). We all got a gift voucher for a box of goodies from Haagen Dazs in honour of the Moon Festival, with today being the last day to redeem it and us not having to be into work until a bit later (owing to the Fire Marshall coming to give the final sign off) I hopped the metro a few stops to the city proper and picked mine up. It was pretty! (Click for larger if you want to see what's in it)

The roundish chocolate thing is an ice-cream version of a moon cake (making it basically a big, delicious choc ice), the traditional version of which I'm not really a fan of. Slight choc ice fail though when I bit into it and realise the dry ice seen on the side of the box hadn't quite done the job, and while the chocolate had the remained solid the inside was liquid. My problem was compounded by the fact that after finishing my treat (over the sink, mamma didn't raise no fools) (well...) I realised the water had been turned off temporarily and had to do some improvising to make myself presentable again. The rest of my box is currently in the freezer at work to prevent me from scoffing the whole lot in one go at home.

I'm meant to be off tomorrow because I'm coming in a day early back from the holiday to do demos, but I didn't get all my lesson planning done (my AT was having boyfriend drama, which I thought I'd avoided owing to her calling in sick, but she rang and I couldn't get her off the phone) so I'll nip in tomorrow for a few hours and get the rest finished off.

On the way home I had to nip into WalMart and get some meat for attempt two in the slow cooker (tomorrow, I want to wake up, poke the contents of that pot with a spoon and have it fall apart - you hear me slow cooker?) and had unfortunate low point in food for the day, on display (or, more precisely, animal parts) section of the shop

What? Suddenly not hungry? There was no meat on it, just pig face hung up by the ears. I particularly like how the black bar behind it makes it look like it's glaring balefully out of one eye.

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