Saturday, 15 September 2012

It's the final countdown!

Yesterday was kind of awesome, which I wasn't expecting for the week from hell. First of all it was my planning day so I had no lessons, making me predispositioned to like the day. Then we got in to the centre and the LLD was running centre meeting, meaning it was only half an hour long, and we were told that our free DVDs had arrived! Disney sent out a copy of The Avengers free to all cast members because it did so well in China. We also got a voucher from Disney for a purple box filled with different ice-creams from Hagen Daaz in honour of the moon festival, so now we're all going to find the nearest one to collect it from.

Another good thing is that we finally got some actual details on The Big Move, and had a chance to start packing things up. We can't strip our rooms bare just yet because we're still doing parent presentations, but I started packing up my cupboards. We won't be in on Monday like we wanted, but we should all be there by Thursday. The guy who handles center demolition and salvage came to have a look around yesterday. He's also the guy who helps to choose where the centre would be in the first place, so he has been the one getting it in the neck for all the problems. Our landlord has been out to screw us from the beginning, and you can tell he's angry about it. His job for now is to salvage or destroy anything copyrighted so no one can use it illegally, but we're also under orders not to leave anything that could be useful to the malls construction workers because of all the problems. We're taking everything, light bulbs, doors, the works. Given that our classrooms don't have any windows because of the problems it would cause reflecting on the projectors, that should be interesting for anyone trying to work int he space after we're gone, it's going to be a shell.

One presentation down, three to go, two in the next few hours, and I've developed a hacking cough just in time. Wish me luck.

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