Monday, 24 September 2012


My friends and I did manage to get out to Hong Kong after all, so we had a great few days! Hong Kong is an awesome city, lots to see and do and so much easier that China! Because of it's British history English is spoken much more widely and much more proficiently, I'd forgotten what it was like to ask a question and get an answer without causing pandemonium. Ah, back when life was simple...

We got a flight to Shenzhen because it was much cheaper then flying to Hong Kong as it's still a domestic flight. From there we grabbed a bus (it only takes 70 minutes, plus time to go through customs). The first plane journey was a bit of a farce, we were loaded on to the plane at 9:30pm for a two hour flight and didn't take off until midnight. The poor stewardesses had a mutiny on their hands. I've always felt that the Chinese language can feel a bit like you're being yelled at even when you're not, but when people are actually angry it's pretty scary.

The first day we went the beach at Repulse Bay and at night we saw the Symphony of Lights show at Victoria Harbour.

Day 2 was all about Disney Hong Kong baby! As I mentioned before we got in for free because of our silver passes. When you go in on your Silver pass you can sign in yourself and three other people, so we went and got all four tickets and then played ticket fairies for people in the queue. We gave some to a nice Austrailian family we met on the subway getting to the park, and then gave out the others. It's surprisingly hard to give away free tickets? People assume you're out to scam them. We were like 'no, really, free tickets, no tricks. We work for Disney, they gave us tickets, we have extras'.

The subway line to Disney is themed! How cute is this?

The third day we hopped on a tram a just rode around the city. At one point we spotted an Outback and nearly died of happiness, hopped off the tram and had lunch. We walked around for a while afterwards and found a supermarket and a pharmacy to stock up on things we can't find in China (in my case that was mostly Cadbury's chocolate, parchment paper for cooking, and good deodorant). I was glad to get it all, thought Hong Kong is expensive. Or rather, I say that, Hong Kong is about on par with any international city, but with China being So. Cheap. in most things, going back to regular-ish prices gave me a bit of shell shock. When I get home to England (where it's expensive to live) I'm not going to be able to make myself  buy pretty much anything for a while. I also got some cough medicine, hoping that actual, real medicine might have more effect on the cough I have now had for two weeks than the crappy snake vemon Chinese stuff. The stuff I bought is green like The Hulk, and tastes like someone has bottled death and left it under a radiator for a week so it better be doing me some good. *Knock wood* I'm feeling a little better. I caught it from my new AT (who still has it!) and have given it to at least one of the girls I travelled with (whoops) so I would really like to see the back of it without needing a doctor visit.

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