Sunday, 30 September 2012


Wow, I spent a lot of money the last few days; obviously I shouldn't be left on my own with free time and an internet connection?

2 days ago I joined a gym. Yay? It was a good deal, 1980 kwai for a year (just under £200/$320ish) but with loads of freebies. They gave me a free six months on the end so I actually got an 18 month contract. They also gave me a 1500 kwai gift card for the spa close by, a free gym bag, towel, and water bottle. I kind of feel like I'm making money off them at this point? I joined with my manager at work, and a guy at work is also thinking of coming back with his girlfriend and joining up. The man who signed us up must be so happy, he gets commission from 4 people. This is what you get for not being too scared to show around the foreigners. You have to nominate a day to start your membership, my gym buddy has gone away for the National day holiday so we're not starting until the 8th. She basically told me: Go Home. Bake. When I come back, prepare to go hardcore. I'm taking her advice. I wouldn't usually advise the 'Last Supper' approach to losing weight - eat everything you want in large quantities the last few days before you start dieting - because it's just more to lose, and it puts you in the mindset of denial ('I'm never going to get to eat this again!'). On the other hand, I've been watching 'Great British Bake-off' avidly and all I've been wanting to do is mix flour, sugar, butter and put it in my face, so I figured why not.

Last night/this morning I went internet shopping. Oh, how many stories begin with those words? Here's the thing. I need clothes for the autumn/winter, and it costs to ship them here so rather than ordering one or two things as I go, I do one big order a two or three times a year. £190/$300 later, and I bought all the things. Seriously, all of them. And then I accessorised. It probably would have been better for my wallet if I hadn't discovered that Evans, Yours, and Marks & Spencer (all good plus size clothing suppliers in the UK) now all ship world wide. It also probably would have been a good idea to wait a bit and see if this gym thing end up equalling actual body changes before ordering new clothes, but post generally takes about three weeks and by then it's going to be getting cold, so I don't really have time to wait around. Tailors here can be pretty cheap, I'll find a way to get them adjusted if sizes are really off.

Then, to top things off, I went to WalMart to get some groceries, and came back with a new bedding set and a new DVD player, because my player broke a few weeks ago and apparently that's how I roll today. I'm funny with money sometimes. I'm generally quite sensible with it, and enjoy saving and seeing my little savings account fill up, but then a few things I need to get build up and I have a spree. Once the seal is broken as it were, I find it very easy to keep spending. If you're going to do it may as well get everything right? There's a necklace in a posh jewellery shop near WalMart that I've had my eye on basically since I got here (a good 7 months ago now!) and I was so close to just saying 'screw it' and buying it today. I have a nickel allergy so a lot of costume jewellery sends me out in a rash. I've been thinking recently I should get one or two really good pieces and wear them a lot. I don't know exactly how much this necklace costs because I don;t want to go in and ask in case it's super expensive and I have to turn around again. It's a little embarrassing to have them get something out the window and then realise there's no way you could afford it. Or to realise that yes you could afford it, but it's more expensive than you thought so you don't want to get it, but then you've sort of committed your interest? Or maybe it's all in my head, but whatever. From what I can spy from the window I think the pendant might be around 1200 kwai, plus the cost of the necklace. If I re-sign at the end of my contract I get a month's salary bonus, which would get me the money the end of April I think. Given that it's my 30th Birthday in May it might be a good present to me, we'll see if it's still there.

Fortunately I was reasonably financially prepared for this. When I sent £3000 home the other month I put a good percentage of it in my savings account, but left some money in the current account so that when the weather started getting cooler I could shop. Even with what I've spent today I'm OK, and so long as I don't go on any more sprees I should still be able to put aside half of my salary at the end of the month to send home at some point, which is what I aim to do. I've got money in my home account left still (despite my best efforts!) so that should sort me for my Christmas shopping. I can't believe so many places online have their Christmas content up already! It's not even Halloween yet people!

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