Saturday, 8 September 2012

Work day blues

Construction addition of the day; we got to work and they've ripped up the floor to tile the entrance way, which meant for a while that you couldn't get to either the lifts or the stairs. Awesome.

With the change over to the new centre, we're having to make a few changes to our schedule, which means we'll have a good week or so with no lessons. Unfortunately, the teaching schedule is given out to every centre so there is zero flexibility, because everyone teaches the same week at the same time. There are advantages to this, if a family goes travelling they can go to another centre and get the same content for that week, or if they are absent for a day they can make up the class with another teacher and continue with their lessons. Given that we can't change the schedule, it means for the first six weeks we are going to have to double teach lessons, that is, condense lessons together and teach what we can to make up for lost time and return tot he national schedule by the end of the first unit. We're also condensing the last two weeks for this term so my kids now have zero End of Term Presentation practice time as I was expecting them to do the test and then have a week free to practice practice practice. The rug has been pulled out from under me a bit as the parents are now coming to watch us next lesson.This should in no way be a disaster of epic proportions.

In addition to all that I have no less than three demo kids sitting in my lesson today so their parents will be joining them in class, which means I can't fiddle with the routine to try and get us some more time (also: AHHH, PARENTS IN CLASS!), and head office have decided my manager still has to do 10 class observations this month despite the fact that we not be teaching for most of it due to the aforementioned centre move, so I get to have her come in to judge my Sunday morning class. My least favourite thing is to have people watching my class, and I get two lots of that this weekend, along with the added extra stress.

8 days 'til centre close. Body, a stress heart attack would slow me down significantly, we hold it together.

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