Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Back to School

Classes started last weekend finally! It was brilliant to see some of the kids. There is very little cuter in this world than seeing 4 year olds have back to school reunions. One of my tiniest F2 boys saw his best Disney friend (who happens to be one of my tiniest F2 girls) arrive and shouted 'NNNNIIIINNNNNAAAAA!!!' across the clubhouse, causing Nina to spot him and go 'JJJJJEEERRRRRRYYYYYY' at which point they ran to each other and hugged tight like the moment after a disaster in a movie when the leads are trying to find each other, then started giggling. Seriously, I nearly died.

There is another really cute little girl that I met at a referral event and she just glomped on to me totally. The whole event she kept turning around to tell me COMPLETELY! IMPORTANT! THINGS! in Chinese about herself (that I kept having to smile a nod at as I had no clue) and running over to me to give me hugs. She's really adorable. Apparently the dad enrolled her into class and she just happens to be in a class that goes into session the same time as one of mine, we had some trouble explaining that she couldn't go with me into my class (she lined up with them and everything before I realised she wasn't supposed to be there). I don't currently have a class for her level else I would have snatched her up immediately.

I have my new teaching partner now and she is much much better, though I'm having a bit of trouble adjusting. The fact is I basically didn't have any help in class (my previous partner was sort of there in flesh only) so I really don;t know how to use one. I love that she wants to be involved but have had some big frustrations this week over her judging my classes because she doesn't know my classes or their progress and keeps comparing them to her old ones. At one point she was being quite insulting and I told her so, but the next day we were able to come in and plan, so it's nice that we're able to say what we say and not hold grudges at this point. With both of us involved planning is taking ages though! I need a way to speed things up to something close the time it took me alone. Hopefully we'll be able to settle into things soon though, I think we're both quite controlling people with experience (my new LP worked in another centre before this) which is making the first few steps a little rocky. We're getting there though, and it's nice to have someone who gives a shit in class.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Back to work, but not quite

Well, we were supposed to be back to our centre doing demos today, but upon my arrival I learned that we'd failed our fire safety inspection (possibly because of the masses of boxes blocking our fire escape at the time?) so we're not allowed to start them. Instead of demos tomorrow we'll be doing parent tours of our new centre so they have a chance to resolve some of their concerns about moving, but the lack of certificate means we can't start teaching this weekend like we'd planned. Quite what this is going to do to our teaching schedule hasn't been decided yet by the higher-ups, but there's only so many lessons we can condense and still teach all our content, so we're hoping for an answer soon. Right now the idea is that we start teaching Thursday, though whether that comes to fruition or not is anybody's guess. Hopefully the right bribe will have been paid to the right person by then.

Three trainers have quit suddenly at the other centre which has left a lot of us concerned as to how it's going to affect us. Technically, according to our learner numbers, we have too many trainers for our centre, so I think they're looking into seeing who is willing to transfer, but I really don't want to at all. Fingers crossed it doesn't become an issue for me, I'm uncertain at this point how forceful the 'request' will be, or if it will even be extended to me. While we may have too many trainers, we scheduled our classes assuming all the trainers we have, so to pull multiple pairs out now would take some creative rearranging to say the least.